All about Guinea-Bissau for Kids - Image of a Village in Guinea Bissau
All about Guinea-Bissau for Kids - Image of a Village in Guinea Bissau
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Since Guinea-Bissau won its independence from Portugal in 1974, it has experienced almost non-stop political instability. Presidential leaders are frequently ousted – or even assassinated and a new leader steps in. Because of this instability, the country is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Geography for Kids All About Guinea-Bissau - the National Flag of Guinea-Bissau
Geography for Kids All About Guinea-Bissau Facts – the National Flag of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is in Northwestern Africa. Its borders include the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea and Senegal. Many people here are farmers, living and working on small family farms. The main crops include cashew nuts and fruit.

Fun Facts About Guinea-Bissau for Kids

  • The capital city of Guinea-Bissau is Bissau.
  • The country’s name used to be Portuguese Guinea when it became part of the Portugese colony in the 19th century.
  • Bissau was added to the country’s name to prevent confusion with Guinea, which means officially, the country is now called Guinea-Bissau.
  • 1.5 million people live in Guinea-Bissau.
  • The country has 13,946 square miles of land.
  • Portuguese is the official language in Guinea-Bissau.
  • Other languages used in Guinea-Bissau are Creole, Balanta, Fula and Manjaca.
  • Most people belong to a native faith. Islam and Christianity are also common religions.
  • The life expectancy in Guinea-Bissau is 46 years.
  • 39 percent of adults can read.

Guinea-Bissau Vocabulary

  1. Political instability: wars and uprisings, resulting in an unpredictable government
  2. Assassinate: kill
  3. Oust: remove from power, usually by force

All About Guinea-Bissau Video for Kids

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Guinea-Bissau Q&A

Question: What other products are exported from Guinea-Bissau?

Answer: Guinea-Bissau exports shrimp and fish, as well as lumber.

Map of Guinea-Bissau

Here’s a map of the country of Guinea-Bissau and all its cities and villages. Zoom in to get into street level or zoom out to see other countries around Guinea-Bissau! You can see the terrain, but also see the roads, images of the buildings and even take a 3D tour through the streets of the cities of Guinea-Bissau, as though you are actually there!


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