Human Body Senses

You live in a colorful, interesting world. How do you learn about the world? Through your senses. Through your sense of vision, you can see the world. You see your family. You see colors. You look at the grass, trees and animals. Through your sense of smell, you can smell yummy food or dangerous substances like smoke.

Your ears allow you to hear music or your mom calling you for dinner. Your sense of taste lets you taste that delicious chocolate birthday cake. Finally, your sense of touch lets you pet a soft kitten or decide if the bathwater is warm enough.

Five Senses Image - Science for Kids All About the Human Body Senses
All About Human Body Senses: Your five senses make the world a more enjoyable place. They can also alert you to danger.

Fun Facts about the Human Body Senses for Kids

  • Your five senses make the world a more enjoyable place. They can also alert you to danger.
  • Your tongue can detect sour, sweet, bitter or salty flavors. Your nose also helps you identify a food.
  • Besides the five senses, you also have a sense of balance and a sense of where your body is in space.
  • Your fingertips are full of nerve endings which help you feel things.

Human Body Sense Vocabulary

  1. Colorful: full of color
  2. Vision: the ability to see
  3. Dangerous: can hurt you
  4. Bitter: sharp
  5. Identify: find

Learn More All About Human Body Senses

Find out more all about human body senses in this video:

A video about the 5 sense and their importance.

Human Body Sense Q&A

Question: Do the senses always work like they should?

Answer: Sometimes people are born deaf or blind or become deaf or blind later. Some kids have sensory processing disorders. Noises, smells and sensations might seem overwhelming to them.


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