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Ice Hotel

The Seasons video

Imagine a place where the sun never shines in the winter nor sets in the summer. The Land of the Midnight Sun refers to the northern most parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as other places that lie above the Arctic Circle.

Here the sun never goes down in June and July. Imagine playing night games with your friends until midnight or later. Go hiking in the middle of the night or jump in a chilly lake. It’s a good thing the sun shines so much in the summer, because winters here are long, dark and harsh. Of course, there are things to do in the winter too. Everyone knows how to ski and you might even visit Ice Hotel – a hotel made almost entirely out of ice.

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Science for Kids Website on Ice Hotel - Image of the Ice Hotel Bar

Science for Kids Website on Ice Hotel – Image of the Ice Hotel Bar

Fun Facts about Ice Hotel for Kids

  • The Ice Hotel has beds made of wood and stacked ice blocks. Guests sleep in thermal sleeping bags topped with reindeer skins. Brrrr.
  • Walpurgis Eve is one of the most beloved holidays of the year. It happens on April 30 as people celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People build huge bonfires and throw all their old stuff on the fires.The northern parts of these countries are known as Lapland. Here, people herd reindeer, fish and try to stay warm. Laplanders have their own culture and language. They yoik, which is a traditional folk music that falls between chanting and yodeling.
All about Ice Hotel Fun Facts for Kids - Image of the Ice Hotel Bed

All about Ice Hotel Fun Facts for Kids – Image of the Ice Hotel Bed

Ice Hotel Vocabulary

  1. Midnight: 12:00 a.m.; the middle of the night
  2. Harsh: rough, fierce
  3. Stacked: placed one on top of another
  4. Thermal: designed to trap and hold heat
  5. Bonfire: huge fire

All About Ice Hotel Video for Kids

Here’s a great video for kids on Ice Hotel:

This is a video documentary on facts about the Ice Hotel.

Ice Hotel Q&A

Question: Is the sun bright 24 hours a day during the summer?

Answer: During the night, the sun hangs low in the sky, creating a pink, hazy look.


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