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Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast – also known as Cote d’Ivoire – was a French Colony until 1960. After it gained independence, it fell into civil war in 2002. After its independence from France in 1960, the Ivory Coast was peaceful and prosperous for more than 30 years. The agreement between the government and the rebels brought back peace to the country.

Fun Geography for Kids on Ivory Coast - the National Flag of Ivory Coast

Fun Geography for Kids on Ivory Coast – the National Flag of Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast, in West Africa, is known for its chocolate. The country produces more cocoa than any other place in the world. In addition to chocolate, the Ivory Coast produces bananas, pineapples, fish, coffee, lumber, cotton, palm oil and petroleum.

Fun Facts About Ivory Coast for Kids

  • The capital city of Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro.
  • Abidjan is currently the largest city in Ivory Coast. It used to be the country’s capital city.
  • 24.29 million people live in the Ivory Coast.
  • The country has 124,502 square miles of land.
  • The President of the Ivory Coast is Alassane Ouattara (data March 2019).
  • The official language of Ivory Coast is French but many of their local languages are still used like Dioula, Baoule, Dan and Anyin.
  • Most people are Christian, Muslim, or follow a native religion.
  • The life expectancy is 57 years.
  • 48 percent of adults can read.
  • The currency used in the Ivory Coast is called “West African CFA franc.

Ivory Coast Vocabulary

  1. Cocoa: the raw material from which chocolate is made
  2. Civil war: a war within a country
  3. Prosperous: having resources, such as food, water, jobs and homes

All About Ivory Coast Video for Kids

Here’s a great video for kids on Ivory Coast:

Ivory Coast Q&A

Question: Where is the Ivory Coast located?

Answer: The Ivory Coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Liberia, Guinea, Mali and Ghana.

Map of Ivory Coast

Here’s a map of the country of Ivory Coast and all its cities and villages. Zoom in to get into street level or zoom out to see other countries around Ivory Coast! You can see the terrain, but also see the roads, images of the buildings and even take a 3D tour through the streets of the cities of Ivory Coast, as though you are actually there!


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