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Slow Worms – The Worms That Look Like Snakes

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You’ve probably never seen a slow worm or even heard of one, because these animals don’t live in America. They’re considered a sort of hero in Europe and Britain, though, because they eat massive numbers of slugs and insects out of the garden.

Slow Worm Being Held Image - Science for Kids All About Slow Worms

What you should know all about slow worms is that they look like snakes. They have no limbs and long, slender bodies. But they’re not snakes.

Slow worms look like snakes. They have no limbs and long, slender bodies. But they’re not snakes. They have eyelids and can blink. They also have a rounded tongue, not a forked one. Slow worms are reptiles. These gentle animals live in grassy or wooded areas. They hibernate in the winter under compost piles. Sometimes they hibernate in groups of 30 or more slow worms.

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Slow Worm Eye Image

Slow worms are not blind. They have eyelids and can blink but that’s not all about slow worms.

Fun Facts about Slow Worms for Kids

  • Slow worms can eat up to 20 slugs in about as many minutes!
  • They sometimes suck small snails out of their shells.
  • If you pick a slow worm up by its tail, it will lose its tail. The tail wriggles while the slow worm makes its escape.
  • Young slow worms are a golden color. They turn brown or gray as they get older. Sometimes males have blue spots.
  • Slow worms incubate eggs in their bodies. They give birth to between 6 and 12 live babies.

Slow Worm Vocabulary

  1. Hero: admired or beloved for brave, noble behavior
  2. Massive: huge
  3. Limbs: arms and legs
  4. Hibernate: winter sleep
  5. Wriggle: squirm, move

Learn More All About Slow Worms

Watch this documentary about the slow worm:

A short video discussing about the slow worm.

Slow Worm Q&A

Question: Are slow worms slow?

Answer: Slow worms are sometimes called blind worms. They are neither slow nor blind. Slow worms can move quickly. They like to lie in the sun for hours, though.


Question: Are slow worms endangered?

Answer: They are not endangered worldwide yet, although their numbers are declining. They are legally protected in Great Britain.


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