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Tropical Climates


Tropical climates are found in areas that lie close to the equator. Here the sun shines intensely. Within tropical climates, there are three groups: tropical wet; tropical wet and dry; and tropical monsoon. Tropical wet regions, also known as rain forests, have the most predictable weather on earth. Here, everyday is pretty much the same. You can expect lots of rain, warm nights and hot days. The seasons change only slightly.

Fun Facts for Kids All About Tropical Climates - Image of a Tropical Climate Area

Fun Facts for Kids All About Tropical Climates – Image of a Tropical Climate Area

Monsoon climates have winds that reverse every six months. For example, in India the winds blow in from the sea during the summer, bringing buckets of heavy rain. The winds reverse in the winter blowing from land to sea. Winters are dry here. Many people in monsoon climates rely on the monsoons to bring water for their crops. Monsoons sometimes bring too much rain, causing flooding and mudslides.

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Tropical wet and dry climates have three seasons: one season is cool and dry; another season is hot and dry; the third season is wet and hot. Some years, the rains here are light. When this happens, there is not enough food or water for animals and people.

Fun Facts About Tropical Climates for Kids

  • Hawaii has a tropical rainforest climate.
  • Monsoon climates can be found in southern Asia and West Africa.
  • Africa’s Serengeti Plain is an example of a wet dry tropical climate.
  • The rain forest climate sounds ideal, but it is very humid here and there are lots of mosquitoes and bugs.
  • In India, the monsoon rains not only water crops, but they power electric plants. If the rains are scarce, electricity becomes expensive.

Tropical Climates Vocabulary

  1. Predictable: reliable, same, consistent
  2. Expect: look forward to
  3. Mudslides: sheets of mud slide down a hill
  4. Humid: wet, moist
  5. Scarce: rare

All About Tropical Climates Video for Kids

Watch this awesome video for kids about Tropical Climates:

Tropical Climates Q&A

Question: Are monsoons dangerous?

Answer: Sometimes they are. In the city of Mumbai, India, for example, the streets flood every year with over 1 foot of water. In 2005, a strong monsoon hit India. Mumbai got 40 inches of rain in one day. Buildings were destroyed and people drowned.


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