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Alligator Vs Crocodile Facts for Kids Video


                                          Alligator Vs Crocodile

Alligator and Crocodile, both are reptiles. They are cold-blooded and need to regulate their body temperature with the surroundings. They do not make their own body heat. Both of them lay eggs and have a skin which is covered with dry, hard scales. Most of the people confuse alligators with crocodiles but both of them are different. They can be distinguished by the width of their snout.

Differences between Alligator and Crocodile: –

  • Crocodiles have a narrow nose but alligators have a wide, broad nose comparatively.
  • Alligators have skin which is darker in colour than a crocodile.
  • Alligators live in freshwater environment but crocodiles can live in both fresh water and saltwater.
  • Alligators can be found in only two countries in the world- China and the United States of America but crocodiles can be found in tropics like- Asia, America, Africa and Australia.
  • The largest recorded crocodile is around 28 feet long and the largest alligator is about 19 feet long.
  • When a crocodile’s mouth is shut a bottom tooth will be visible but when an alligator shuts its mouth you won’t be able to see it.
  • They belong to different crocodilian families. Alligators belong to the alligatoridae and crocodiles belong to the crocodylidae.
  • Crocodiles are more aggressive than alligators.




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