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How to become an Architect

The Seasons video

Do you love to build with blocks or Legos? Do you enjoy drawing and planning structures? Then a job as an architect might be in your future.


Fun Facts

  • Architects design all kinds of things—homes, apartments, hospitals, office buildings, museums, and even bridges and structures. Some people become landscape architects; they work on designing gardens and landscapes. Others become surveyors.
  • Architects must make sure a building looks good, but they must also make sure that it’s safe and comfortable. Today, many architects try to make buildings that conserve energy and help the environment.
  • Architects meet with clients to understand their needs. Then they draft a plan and present it to the client. Once approved, architects file paperwork to get permits from the city, and often visit the construction site to check on the building’s progress.
  • Most architects have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture or architectural engineering. They learn about drafting and using software to create designs. They must also have good written and verbal communication skills and be able to think creatively.
  • Architects typically work for the government or for a private architecture firm.
  • Architects earn between $65,000 and $130,000 each year.
  • Most architects work in office settings. They occasionally travel.


Questions and Answers

Question: How easy is it to get a job as an architect?

Answer: The field of architecture is growing slowly and jobs are competitive.


Learn More

Watch a quick video about becoming an architect.



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