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Asteroid Belt Facts Video for Kids


                                        Asteroid Belt Facts

Asteroids are leftovers from the formation of our solar system. There is a particular region in the solar system where asteroids are found in majority. This majority of asteroids form Asteroid Belt. It is located in an area between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. Ceres, Pallas, Hygeia and Vesta are the four largest asteroids in the belt. They contain approximately half of the entire mass of asteroid belt. Ceres has a diameter of 950 km and the rest of three has mean diameters more than 400 km.

Quick facts: –

  • The Asteroid belt was discovered by Johann Titius.
  • The Asteroid belt is about 1 AU thick.
  • Asteroids are made of rock and stone. Some of them are solid objects while some of them are rubble piles, held together by gravity.
  • There are different types of asteroids which are grouped by the minerals they contain. Most of them are named by numbers
  • Asteroids are attractive targets for mining operations because there are some precious metals like iron, nickel, titanium etc. available in a large quantity.
  • Scientists believe that other solar systems contain their own asteroid belts.
  • Some asteroids contain water.
  • Asteroids can be found in the solar system, outside of the Asteroid belt as well.
  • Ceres, the largest asteroid of asteroid belt, is also known as dwarf planet.


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