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This is a fun video that defines what an Asteroid is. You will be able to learn what exactly an asteroid is, how they are different from comets, what they are composed of and how asteroids can range in size. You will find out how some asteroids are even large enough to trap smaller asteroids in their gravitational pull. The video will show how asteroids are like moons orbiting a planet but most of them are irregularly shaped. You will also be able to learn how there are hundreds of thousands of asteroids in space and how most of them are occupying the space between Mars and Jupiter called the “asteroid belt”.

This video about Asteroid Definition provides helpful information on Asteroid Definition facts for kids video and swiftly grow your youngster’s interest to learn uncomplicated science facts about Asteroid Definition.

This Asteroid Definition video is meant for kids, from those kids partaking in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, until grade 5, obviously along with preschoolers youngsters and home-schooled kids.

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