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                                                      Bats Facts

Bats are the only mammals that are capable of true flight. Their thin wings give them airfoil. They have the power to push forward which is known as propulsion. They can be found almost anywhere in the world except the Polar Regions and extreme deserts. There are more than 900 species of bats in the world. These nocturnal creatures don’t see very well at night. To get around in the dark, they use echolocation. They have a highly active metabolism. They can digest anything from bananas to mangoes, berries etc.

Quick Facts: –

  • A single brown bat can catch around 1,200 mosquito-size insects in one hour.
  • Bulmer’s fruit bat is the world’s most endangered bat. It can be found in only one cave in Papua New Guinea.
  • The scientific name for bats is Chiroptera. It has been derived from the Greek term that means ‘hand wing’.
  • They are the slowest reproducing mammals in the world for their size.
  • Vampire bats are the only mammals that live entirely on blood.
  • Bats can have a gestation period ranging anywhere from 40 days to 6 months, totally depending on the species.
  • At the time of birth, a pup weighs up to 25 percent of its mother’s body weight.
  • Kitti’s hog-nosed bat is the world’s smallest bat. The average size of this bat is 33 millimetres, just a little more than an inch.
  • There are a few flowers that rely on bats for pollination.
  • They have a highly sophisticated sense of hearing.
  • To survive the harsh winter season, some species migrate to warmer places and some simply hibernate.


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