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                                                       F1 Car Facts

F1 or Formula1 cars are way different from our usual cars. A F1 car is made up of total 80,000 different components. These cars have around 800bhp but weighs only 640kg including the driver. The front suspension of a F1 car is strong enough to withstand two tonnes of pressure. Drivers of these cars have to endure high G forces at extremely hot temperatures. The tyres of a F1 car can get rid of 250 litres of water per second. These tyres are inflated with nitrogen instead of plain old air to make sure that no vapour is introduced. These cars can be refuelled at 12 litres per second.

Quick Facts: –

  • A Formula1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph and then back to 0 in only 4 seconds.
  • The tyres lose weight during the race. Each tyre looses around 0.5 kg weight due to wear and tear.
  • A driver’s steering wheel in a F1 car is not like the one in your usual car. It has a multitude of buttons to control everything and costs around £20,000 alone.
  • Helmet of a F1 car driver is one of the toughest things in the world.
  • The chassis of these cars is made from a thousand parts of Kevlar, carbon fire etc. All these things make it incredibly strong.
  • Tyres of these cars stay at a temperature of 120°C even after the completion of a race. This is hot enough to cook an egg on.
  • These tyres are designed to last only 90 to 120 km whereas average car tyres can last about 60,000km to 100,000km.
  • These cars have so many components that if 99.99% of them are assembled correctly then at least 80 components will be wrongly placed. So they need to be assembled with 100% accuracy.
  • The brake discs are made from a special indestructible form of carbon fiber.


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