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Best Facts About Bats Video for Kids


                                         Facts about Bats

Bats are the only mammals that are able to fly instead of gliding. They are more active at night. They belong to the order Chiroptera. They can be found almost anywhere in the world except the Polar Regions and extreme deserts. They generally feed on insects, fish, blood and fruits etc. 70% of them consume insects and small bugs. Rest 30% are fruit consumers. Bats that solely feed on blood are called vampire bats. There are total more than 1000 species of bats. They can see in the dark using echolocation. They make high frequency yells and analyze the location of objects around them. The Giant golden crowned flying fox is the world’s largest bat.

Quick Facts: –

  • There are total three species of vampire bats in the world.
  • Bats are small, secretive and feed at night.
  • Contrary to popular belief, all bats can see. Even though their vision may be less important than their other senses.
  • They have a gestation period that ranges between 40 days to 6 months. Bigger the bat is longer its gestation period is.
  • The Kitti’s hog nosed bat is the smallest in the entire world.
  • Wings of bats are made of cartilage with small amounts of calcium.
  • Bats are the slowest reproducing mammals on the earth.
  • The world’s largest known bat colony is the bracken bat cave in Texas. More than 20 million bats live in the cave.
  • A single bat can eat more than 600 bugs in an hour.
  • Vampire bats are the only one to move well on the ground.
  • In China and Japan, bats are symbol of happiness.
  • The bats that feed on frogs can easily tell the difference between safe and poisonous frogs by listening to the male frog’s call.
  • A group of bats is known as a colony.


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