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Best Glowing Water Fun Science Experiment for Kids Video


                           Glowing Water Fun Science Experiment

Glowing water fun science experiment requires very less preparation. There are different ways of doing that. The simplest way to do it is to place tonic water under black light. It glows because the quinine glows when placed by the ultra violet light coming from the black light. This is also the reason why tonic water has a bitter taste. You can also use a highlighter pen and some regular water.

Requirements: –

  • Water
  • Highlighter pen
  • Black light
  • Knife
  • Dark room

Procedure: –

  • Carefully open the end of the higher pen or cut it open with a knife.
  • Now remove the felt and soak it in the water for a few minutes.
  • Stir it well and pour this dyed water in a glass container.
  • Go into a dark room and turn on the black light.
  • When you will place the container filled with the highlighter dyed water it will start to glow.
  • The pen’s ink will emit light because of the ultraviolet light being radiated from the black light.

Concept: –

The regular tap water glows under black water when mixed with highlighter dye because the dye contains phosphors. These phosphors make it seem like the water is glowing.



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