Water Cycle Facts for Kids Video

                                             Water Cycle Facts

The water cycle describes the entire process how water on the earth changes its forms. Our planet has a fixed amount of water. The same water keeps going around and around. This is what we call water cycle. In other words, it can be defined as journey water goes through in circulating from the land to the sky and back again. It is also known as the hydrologic cycle.

Steps of Water Cycle: –

There are total six steps in the water cycle.

  • Condensation: – This Process is just opposite to the evaporation. Condensation occurs when a gas changes its form to liquid.
  • Infiltration: – In this process, ground soaks the rain water in through soil and other layers on it.
  • Runoff: – In this phase, excess water runs off the land and gets mixed into streams, rivers, lakes and other water sources. All the water sources collect water.
  • Evaporation: – Water on earth changes its state from liquid to gas in this process.
  • Precipitation: – At right temperature and atmospheric pressure, formation of large droplets in clouds is done from smaller droplets and precipitation occurs. These drops fall to the earth in the form of rain. It happens when the amount of condensed water becomes so much to handled by air.
  • Transpiration: – When the water reaches earth, plants absorb it from the soil. This water moves all the way from their roots to leaves. Some of it gets evaporated from the leaves and increase the amount of water vapour in the air.