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Best Magnets Science Fair Project – Constructing an Electromagnet Video for Kids

                                 Constructing an Electromagnet

What is a Magnet?

  • A magnet is an object made of certain materials that create a magnetic field. It attracts some metals like: – Iron, Nickel, Cobalt etc.

How many poles does a magnet have?

  • A magnet has 2 poles, North and South. Opposite poles of a magnet attract each other but similar poles repel each other.

What is an Electromagnet?

  • A magnet that runs on electricity is called electromagnet. Its strength can be changed by changing the amount of electric current.

Construct an electromagnet: –

  • For this, we will require an iron nail, insulated copper wire, a battery and some clips.
  • To make a good electrical connection, we will remove some of the insulation from both the ends of copper wire.
  • Now wrap the wire around the nail. Make sure you are wrapping the entire wire in same direction.
  • Leave sufficient part of wire unwound so that you can attach the battery.
  • Now attach both ends of the wire to terminals of the battery.
  • Your electromagnet is ready. If you will make it in contact with iron or some other metal which can be attracted by using a magnet then you will see the result.