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Contents of this Random Animal Facts Video

This video is about different kinds of animals and shares 15 interesting facts about them. You will learn in this video how many liters of water can a camel drink in just 10 minutes, how long a giant anteater’s tongue is, how many ants they consume each they and how many muscles does an adult elephant have in its trunk. You will also be able to learn how long a beaver can stay underwater, how far away an adult lion’s roar can be heard, how small a baby kangaroo is when it’s born and how many hours a day do giraffes sleep. Learn more fun facts about different kinds of animals by watching this short and informative video.

View this Random Animal Facts for kids video and swiftly extend all your children’s natural curiosity to learn easy facts about Random Animal Facts.

This Random Animal Facts video is enjoyable for your kids, from ones partaking in early learning programs for pre-K children, till Fifth graders, certainly including pre-school children and kids doing homeschooling.

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