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Best Science Experiment Ideas Video for Kids

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                                        Science Experiment Ideas

There are 6 science tricks that kids and adults will surely love mentioned below.

  • Make the egg bounce: – Take two eggs, one boiled and one raw egg. Get two jars and fill them up with distilled white vinegar. Put the eggs in those jars. Calcium carbonate will react with vinegar and 48 hours the shells of eggs will be dissolved. Rinse them well. Now you will see that raw egg is bouncier as compared to the boiled egg.
  • Make a bouncy ball at home: – Get some borax, corn starch, some glue, food colouring and some water. Mix all this up and you get a real bouncy ball. The bounciness can be measured.
  • Make an Ivory soap soufflé: – get an ivory soap and a paper towel. Put the soap on paper towel and cook on high for 2 minutes. This effect is called ‘Charles’ Law’. The soap has molecules of air. As the temperature of the gas increases so does the volume.
  • Change the colour of a flower: – We can explore the transfer of water through a plant. Place a white flower in a jar full of water. Grab some food colouring and add 5-6 drops in the jar. After an hour, you will see, the white flower will get the tint.
  • Homemade lava lamp: – Fill a vase with cooking oil and add some water to it. Add a few drops of food colouring. Now add few pieces of Alka-Seltzer tablet. You will see bubbles of carbon dioxide gas float to the surface.
  • Make sound visual: – Take some cornstarch in a mixing bowl and add some water to it. Mix it well until it becomes hard. It will break up when you touch it. Pour it on a cooking sheet and set on a speaker. Now turn up the bass. It is called an Oobleck.


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