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This video is about the life cycle of Little Lucy the Cow. In this video, kids can learn about the life cycle of a cow. You’ll be able to learn facts like how the pregnancy of a cow also lasts for nine months until the calf is born, same as people. Kids will also be able to learn how baby calves would be normally like, how long it takes until the baby calf will be able to eat with other animals on its own and eventually grow into a Heifer. The video also includes facts about cows like when they’ll be able to give milk and how much milk a cow can give in a day. This video shows a slideshow of many cartoon pictures of cows that will keep kids interested as they learn.

Watch this excellent Science for Kids facts video and enhance your kids’ natural interest to find out easy facts about Science for Kids.

This Science for Kids video is directed for your kids, from ones engaged in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, till grade school, naturally in addition to pre-school children and toddlers schooled in the house.

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