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Best Uses of Gold Video for Kids


                                           Best Uses of Gold

Gold is the most useful metal of all the minerals mined from the earth. It is useful because of its special properties. This metal is an efficient conductor of electricity. It does not become discoloured, can be hammered into thin layers. Gold is a metal with good elasticity. There are different uses of gold. Some of them are mentioned below: –

  • Jewellery: – It is the primary use of gold. Gold is used to make ornamental objects. About 76% of the gold consumed every year is used to manufacture jewellery. It has some suitable properties like- high luster, desirable yellow colour, good elasticity etc. which make it perfect for being used to make ornaments. Pure gold is so soft that it cannot be used alone to manufacture jewellery. It needs to be alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper etc.
  • Electronics: This metal is used in manufacturing electronics. Solid state electronic devices which use very low voltage and they can easily get interrupted by corrosion at the contact points. Gold is a good conductor and majorly used in connectors, switches, joints etc. so that tiny currents can be carried easily and devices can remain corrosion free.
  • Dentistry: Gold works very well in dentistry because of its superior performance and aesthetic appeal. This metal is preferred because it is non-allergic and chemically inert.
  • Aerospace: Gold is used to make every space vehicle that NASA launches. It is used in hundreds of ways in space vehicle because it makes the possibility of maintenance, lubrication and repair absolutely zero.
  • Medical: There are a few medical conditions, which can be cured by using gold as a drug. A small amount of gold is used to make many surgical equipments and life supporting devices.




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