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Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in 1955 and was was one of the early pioneers in software writing.

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The Seasons
Bill Gates Biography Worksheet – Download this fun free easy science worksheet about one of the richest men in the world.

Kids can learn fun facts about Bill Gates with the hidden words puzzle and find the missing word search game. This worksheet about Bill Gates is free to download and print. Our Bill Gates worksheet is ideal for Preschool kids, Kindergarten kids and Primary school kids in Grades 1 to 5.

Primary school kids can use this educational Bill Gates Biography worksheet as a reading comprehension worksheet and test their reading skills and knowledge. Preschool kids and Kindergarten kids can enjoy the word seek game this easy science worksheet offers and use the missing words game as a listening comprehension activity.

Teachers and Educators can use the Bill Gates science for kids worksheet to supplement science lessons, history lessons, after school enrichment programs and extra-curriculum programs for kids. Parents homeschooling their kids can use this free science worksheet to teach their kids inspiring facts about Bill Gates and motivate them to learn more and advance themselves like he did.

These free easy science worksheets are a fun way for kids to learn facts about famous inventors and test their reading comprehension skills.

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Who is Bill Gates? Bill Gates full name is William “Bill”  Henry Gates III. He currently is the chairman at Microsoft. Bill Gates was a chief executive of the world’s largest personal-computer software company. Did Bill Gates graduate from college?  Do you know what made Bill Gates so rich? What did he invent or do?

Learn more fun facts about Bill Gates by downloading the free easy science worksheet!

Free Bill Gates Biography Worksheet for Kids

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Download the Free Bill Gates Biography Worksheet for Kids!
Download FREE Bill Gates Biography Worksheet for Kids!


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