Chess is the most famous strategy game with a very long and distinguished history. It originated in India during the Gupta Empire and then was introduced to the West in the 9th century. In Armenian schools chess is one of the mandatory subjects.

The first ever chessboard having alternating light and dark squares was made in 1090 in Europe. The longest chess game which is possible theoretically will have 5,949 moves. The longest official game played so far was in 1989, it lasted 269 moves and just over 20 hours.


Fast Facts: –

  • In one single game, there are 400 different possible moves after each and every move.
  • Initially the Pawn was allowed to advance just one square on its first move but the new pawn move introduced in 1280 allowed it to jump two square on the first move.
  • On June 9th 1970, a chess game was played between earth and space by the Soyez-9 Crew which ended in a draw.
  • Emanuel Lasker from Germany retained the World Chess Champion title for 26 years and 337 days.
  • It is possible to checkmate your opponent in just two moves.
  • This game is a proven and very effective way to improve memory function. Approximately six hundred million people know how to play this game worldwide.
  • Thomas Wilson invented the first ever mechanical Chess Clock in 1833. Before that sandglasses were used.
  • The oldest recorded game was played between a historian from Baghdad, Iraq and his student in the 900s.