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Diagram of the Ear


                                                     Human Ear

Your ears are one of the five sense organs. They are designated for hearing. These organs help you to detect sound. Sound waves are converted into nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. After that the brain does the hard work to make sense of it all. Human ears are more than what you see on the outside, a lot goes on in the inside.


Quick Facts: –

  • Your hearing depends on the tiny hair inside the ears. If you lose these hairs, your sense of hearing will be lost. On an average there are about 25,000 minuscule hair cells.
  • It might sound strange to most of the people but it is true that your ears make it possible for you to walk.
  • There are three parts of a human ear: – inner ear, middle ear, external ear.
  • Your ear wax does not need to be cleaned out of your ears. It actually protects your sense organ.
  • There are 3 bones in your ear that are called stapes, malleus and incus. Stapes is the smallest.
  • If your inner ear gets damaged you could end up losing your body’s equilibrium because the inner ear is directly connected to your brain.
  • Your ears are a very delicate organs and can often have some problems due to the likes of bacteria, damage, environmental changes etc.
  • Your ears keep working even when you sleep. It is just that your brain ignores the incoming sounds at that time to allow you to rest.
  • Deafness can be cause by some kind of abnormality in the inner ear.


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