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Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory Video for Kids


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About this Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory Video

This video for kids is all about Ernest Rutherford and his nuclear model of the atom. You will be able to learn fun facts about the atomic theory through this video. Find out how Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus, how he discovered that the atom is mostly space and that the nucleus is about one trillionth the size of the entire atom. You will also learn about the Gold Foil Experiment that Rutherford used, what the things he learned from it are and even about who actually performed the experiment aside from Rutherford, who got credit for it. Learn more information about Ernest Rutherford and the atomic theory by watching this short educational video for kids.

This is a useful Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory facts for kids video and substantially better your young children’s everything about Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory.

This Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory video is targeted for young children, from those engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, to fifth grade children, clearly along with young children and home-schooled kids.

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