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Fun Home Science Experiment With a Balloon Water and Fire Video for Kids

Get amused watching the finest picked and really simple to comprehend Fun Home Science Experiment With a Balloon Water and Fire video:

                                              Science Experiment

This science experiment is to demonstrate the concept that water can lock up the heat no matter through which medium it gets heated up.

Requirements: –

  • Two balloons
  • Water
  • Matchbox
  • Funnel
  • candle

Procedure: –

  • Blow up the balloon just as you normally would and tie it off.
  • Now light a candle and place it in the middle of the table.
  • Hold the balloon right on the top of the flame.
  • Wait for two or three seconds and the balloon will pop.
  • For the next step, put the funnel on the balloon’s opening and pour some water in it.
  • Now blow this balloon up and tie it off.
  • Hold this water filled balloon at the top of the flame and wait for some time.
  • You will see that instead of popping, you will find a blackened spot on the bottom of the balloon.
  • This spot is actually carbon deposited on the balloon by the flame.

Concept: –

Here, the concept of heat absorption has been demonstrated. The water present in the balloon absorbs the heat and keeps the balloon from popping.