How to become a Gaming Engineer

Do you like video games? What it would it be like to design video games for a living?

  • Gaming engineers usually work with a team that includes designers, artists, and testers. Engineers might be involved in just one part of the project—or they might be involved from the initial idea through testing the game.
  • Gaming engineers are specialized software designers. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, like computer science. Some companies require a master’s degree.
  • Gaming engineers need to understand computer programming and development. They need to be good at math and be able to analyze data, think creatively, and solve problems. They also need to understand what makes a video game interesting and fun.
  • A big part of a gaming engineer’s job is creating programming code to make the game work. Engineers also troubleshoot (fix problems) once the game is almost complete.
  • While the field of game engineering is growing, there’s also lots of competition. Who wouldn’t want to work on creating video games for a job? Because of this, gaming engineers have to be really, really good at what they do. They also have to be able to work well with team members.
  • The average salary for a gaming engineer is around $65,000. On the low end, gaming engineers might make $35,000. A highly skilled engineer might earn $95,000.


Questions and Answers

Question: I want to work on video games, but I’m not sure being a gaming engineer is the right fit. How do I know?

Answer: Gaming engineers do the behind-the-scenes work, writing code (a type of computer language) to make the game work. If computers—and computer programming—isn’t’ your thing, you might be more interested in a different area, such as working as an artist to design the animation used in video games. In any event, it’s a good idea to get a broad education that will allow you to work in many areas of computer programming or art—not just video games.


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