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Gases Facts for Kids Video


                                                     Gases Facts

There are three states of matter. Gas is one of them along with liquid and solid. Gases are all around us. We cannot see or feel most of them. They can move around freely. There is comparatively more space between the molecules of gases than the molecules of solid or liquid. These molecules form every time two atoms join together. They respond more dramatically to changes in pressure and temperature as compare to other states of matter. This helps scientists to make predictions about gas behaviors under certain changes.

Fast Facts: –

  • A gas is called pure gas of it is made up of just one atom. Neon is an example of such gases.
  • If a gas is made up of two or more same atoms joining together then it is called an elemental gas.
  • B. Van, a Flemish scientist was the first person who coined the term gas in 1650-60. The term has been derived from a Greek word that means chaos.
  • Fluorine is the most reactive and most electronegative of all the elements. This is the reason why it is s dangerously powerful Oxidant.
  • There are total 17 gases that can be found in the natural atmosphere on Earth.
  • Hydrogen is the most abundant and explosive gas on Earth. It is also the lightest.
  • Xenon is a non-reactive gas which is extremely rare in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Noble gases behave like gas only under certain conditions.
  • Every flammable gas has an auto ignition temperature. It is the temperature at which an ignition will take place even without any external spark or flame.
  • Natural gas changes from a gas into a liquid when it is cooled to 260 degrees below zero.
  • Compound gases have a combination of different atoms. Carbon monoxide is one of few examples of these gases.
  • Vapour is actually a gas that has evaporated. The water particles escape earth’s surface and go back into the atmosphere.
  • Helium has the lowest melting and boiling points of all the substances.


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