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If you had to make your way past a bunch of hungry grizzly bears to get home would you? Could you? Watch this video to learn the secret of getting it done. Amazing to see, this footage shows one of nature’s greatest events: The gauntlet of grizzlies that millions of salmon must run every year. Returning upstream to spawn is something every salmon is biologically programmed to do and as if fighting against the current, swimming up raging water rapids and jumping vertically up to 12 feet over waterfalls wasn’t enough, Mother Nature also made salmon an irresistible meal to the grizzly bear. Grizzlies know just where to find their favorite treat too, as this footage shows. Natural born fishermen, these bears easily withstand freezing waters while they wait for the Salmon to jump within range of their steel-trap jaws. These scenes are captivating. They provide us the opportunity to watch the calm patience of these enormous hunters waiting above the water while a frenzy of activity takes place within the current as their prey struggles to find a safe way past them.

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