Hedgehogs Shrews and Anteaters – Free Online Easy Science Comprehension Hidden Words Puzzle Printable

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Anteaters eat –you guessed it—ants.

Hedgehogs, Shrews and Anteaters Free Online Easy Science Comprehension Hidden Words Puzzle Printable. Download FREE science printables for your kids. This is a fun hidden words puzzle printable on Hedgehogs Shrews and Anteaters.

easy science worksheet for kids. Our word game puzzle about hedgehogs, shrews and ant-eaters facts will help kids learn and enjoy easy science for kids.

Hedgehogs look like porcupines but they’re not even related. The Hedgehog makes grunting noises, that is why they’re called ‘hedge-hogs’. As for shrews, they look a bit like rats. But more closely related to moles. Anteaters have a long snout and a long sticky tongue. Ant-eaters spend just about a minute or two feeding in an ant hill before moving on. The ant eater comes back later to feed on the same ant-hill again.

This free to download printable science worksheet is ideal for kids in primary school (grammar school) in the 1st – 5th grades. However, our fun hidden words puzzle game can also be used for kindergarten and Pre-K kids as an easy science comprehension activity. Our fun science activity sheets teacher resource are free to download, print and use.

Free Hedgehogs, Shrews and Anteaters Word Puzzle

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Hedgehogs, Shrews and Anteaters Hidden Words Puzzle Picture
Download the Hedgehog, Shrew and Anteater Hidden Words Puzzle!


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