Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an English explorer who embarked on multiple sailing voyages. These voyages provided new information about North American Water Routes. He was born in 1565 in London to a wealthy family. His grandfather was also Henry Hudson, a London alderman who helped to found the Muscovy Trading Company.

In 1607, he was hired by the same Muscovy Trading Company to head the voyage to search for a North Pole passage to Asia. The ship was named Hopewell. He made a total of four journeys during his entire career. The Hudson Bay is named after Henry Hudson.


Fun Facts: –

  • He is considered one of the most famous explorers of the world.
  • In 1610, he was provided with a ship called the “Discovery” by English merchants. He reached the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay during this journey.
  • Initially, Henry Hudson thought that the Hudson Bay was the Pacific Ocean and then he sailed to its southern ends James Bay.
  • Many Places bear his name including Hudson Bay, Hudson River, and Hudson Strait etc.
  • He married a girl named Katherine and they had three sons together: – Oliver, Richard and John.
  • He attended Harvard University and studied a variety of subjects including navigation, seamanship, astronomy, mathematics and cartography.
  • His third expedition was financed by the Dutch East India Company and his ship was named the Half Moon.
  • Hudson’s fourth and last expedition was financed by the Virginia Company.
  • In the last voyage his crew began to starve due to lack of supplies and he did not treat them well.
  • Eventually the crew members mutinied against him. They put him and his few loyal crew members into a small boat and left them adrift in the bay.