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How to Make Invisible Ink Video for Kids

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Contents of this How to Make Invisible Ink Video

This short video for kids will show you how to make invisible ink. This fun project is very simple and can be done by kids. The project only uses simple household items such as lemon juice, a bowl, cotton swab, white paper and a light source with a 100-watt light bulb. The video will also give a list of some optional materials you can use that gives the same effect for this project. With a step by step tutorial, the video will show you how you can use your invisible ink to make hidden messages. The video also shares a fun fact about the lemon crops in the U.S. and how Arizona and California produces 95% of them.

This intriguing How to Make Invisible Ink facts for kids video and significantly enhance your young children’s livid interest to find out science facts about How to Make Invisible Ink.

This How to Make Invisible Ink video is fun for youngsters, from ones engaged in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, to fifth grade children, certainly in addition to preschoolers youngsters and children in private schools.

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