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                                                Astronomy Facts

Astronomy can be defined as a branch of science in which we study about space, comets, all celestial objects and the entire physical universe. By studying astronomy we can understand the physical laws and origin of the universe. An astronomer is a person who is expert in or studying astronomy. They focus on the study of space completely that includes stars, galaxies and other objects. An astronomer must have the ability to solve complex problems by applying principles of physics and mathematics.

Astronomy facts: –

  • Venus is the hottest planet of the entire solar system. Temperature of this planet is hot enough to melt lead.
  • Our planet, the earth is not a perfect spherical body.
  • A supernova explosion caused the Crab Nebula.
  • Our solar system includes 8 planets but there are thousands of other planets out there.
  • Only 5% part of our universe is made up of normal matter and rest of it is made up of dark matter and dark energy together.
  • According to a calculation made by astronomers, the entire universe has 10^24 stars.
  • The Wolfgang Ketterles lab in Massachusetts is the coldest place of the entire universe with a temperature of 0.000000000001°K.
  • Helium is the only substance of the entire universe that cannot be in solid form.
  • The Sloan Great Wall, a super cluster of galaxies is the largest structure found in the universe.
  • Planet Saturn is less dense than water.
  • Sputnik, the Russian satellite was the first manmade object ever sent to the space in 1957.
  • Gravitation forces of Sun and Moon cause tidal changes on our planet.
  • Voyager 1 is the furthest manmade object.
  • Light from the Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach on earth. So the Sun we are seeing right now is how it looked 8 minutes ago.
  • It is believed that space is not a complete vacuum. It has 3 atoms per cubic metre.


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