Killer Whale Facts for Kids Video

                                              Killer Whale Facts

Orcinus orca is the scientific name of the Killer Whale. It is sometimes called an orca whale. It is the most fearsome predator of the ocean. Despite its name, it is not a whale. In actual, it is a marine mammal and the largest member from the dolphin family. They have long, rounded bodies with large dorsal fins at the middle of their backs. They feed on fish, squids, birds and other marine creatures, even great white sharks. They are found in all oceans of the world but most commonly in Arctic and Antarctic.

Quick Facts: –

  • They are very social creatures. A group of closely related females is called a pod. These pods consist of 5-30 members.
  • A pod can be further divided into sub pods. A group of two or more pods is known as a clan.
  • They have a large top fin known as dorsal fin is one of their trademarks.
  • The total no. of Killer Whales sin captivity all over the world is 52.
  • The gestation period of an Orca Whale is between 13 to 16 months.
  • They can travel up to 30 miles per hour that makes them one of the fastest creatures in the ocean.
  • They are widely distributed all over the world and not considered as endangered.
  • They can sleep with one eye open. They cannot completely go to sleep as they have to go up to the surface to breathe every now and then.
  • They have their own language which is one of the most complex languages in the animal kingdom.
  • Orca Whale is an apex predator that sits on the top of the food chain.
  • Killer Whales cannot smell anything.
  • They can control the flow of blood to their brain and hearts.
  • They do not breed with relatives.