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Kindergarten Science Experiments for Kids Video


                                   Kindergarten Science Experiment

Ever wondered, what will happen if we will mix freshwater and saltwater? In this simple video, a small kid is demonstrating an experiment of mixing saltwater and freshwater together. She is calling this experiment of making an Estuary.

What is Estuary?

  • An estuary can be defined as a partially enclosed body of briny water. Briny or brackish water has salinity more than fresh water but less than sea water.

Materials Requires: –

  • Three cups
  • Salt water
  • Fresh water
  • A spoon

Procedure: –

  • First of all, take a cup and fill it with salt water.
  • Take another cup and fill it with fresh water.
  • Now take an empty cup. In this, mix both fresh water and salt water.
  • If you will taste the mixed water with spoon, you will see that it tastes like both salt water and fresh water as they got mixed.
  • In this cup, you have something that can be called an estuary because this water has more salinity than fresh water and less than salt water.


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