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Learning to Recognize Animals With Flash Cards Video for Kids


                                               Recognize Animals

This video is a simple slideshow showing pictures of different kinds of animals and reads their names. It shows a lot of animal pictures so kids can easily recognize them. By watching this video, kids will not only learn how to recognize animals, but also can learn how to read and spell the names of different animals. Some fascinating facts about animals are mentioned below: –

  • Dolphins have powerful eyesight and hearing which they use along with echolocation to find the path to an object.
  • The huge and thin ears of an elephant are made of blood vessels and help it to regulate its body temperature.
  • Female elephants have a gestation period of around 22 months. They start having calves at the age of 12 years.
  • On an average, a fully grown male giraffe can weigh up to 1400 kilograms.
  • Cows can become stressed when they are separated from their favourite companions.
  • Camels are suitable for desert as they have a thick coat on their body that insulates them from extreme heat or cold.
  • A cheetah has great eyesight and can sight its prey from five kilometers away during the daytime.
  • Sheep can medicate themselves when ill. They eat specific plants which can easily cure them.
  • Male penguins choose their partners by offering a pebble to females. If a female takes it then they both become partners.
  • Rabbits are known to have 360° panoramic vision that helps them to detect predators more efficiently.
  • Cheetahs have dark line on their faces which run from their eyes towards their mouth. These lines are known as tear lines.
  • There are approximately 80 different species of whales in the entire world with different shapes and sizes.
  • Great White Sharks have to eat large quantities of meat in order to regulate their body temperature.


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