Lena River

Lena River is one of the longest rivers in the world and the longest river to flow inside the Russian Federation. It measures about 4,400 kilometers in length. This river flows across the Far East regions of Russia, forming near Lake Baykal and flowing northeast to the Arctic Ocean.

The river originates from the Baikal Mountains, south of the Central Siberian Plateau empties into a 250-mile-wide delta at the Laptev Sea. The Laptev Sea helps keep the temperature of the world’s northernmost regions regulated


Quick Facts: –

  • This river is the eleventh longest river in the world and it has the ninth largest watershed.
  • The drainage basin of the Lena River is one of the largest in the world.
  • The Lena River Delta is the largest Arctic Delta in the world covering an area of 32,000 square kilometers.
  • The name of this river is said to have been derived from the local word Elyu-Ene, meaning the ‘Large River’.
  • This river is still one of the cleanest sources of freshwater on earth.
  • At the mouth of this river there is a delta with seven main channels or distributaries.
  • The river is home to many kinds of animal and plants but only for a few months in a year when it remains ice free.
  • This river only flows for part of the year because of the extremely chilly local climate.
  • Flooding along the banks of the river is an annual event because the spring melt waters add extra volume to the river channel.
  • It is also the only river in the world, whose channel is completely in the regions of permafrost.