Living and Nonliving Things for Kids Video

                                 Living and Non-living Things

In this video you will learn about living and non-living things with Cookie Monster. We are surrounded by both of them. Living and Non-living things can be differentiated as- Living things have basic requirements such as air, food and water etc. but non-living things do not require them. All plants and animals are living things. Sand, glass, wood are examples of non-living things.

There are 7 characteristics of living things: –

  • Motility
  • Feeding
  • Growth
  • Breathing
  • Bodily Excretion
  • Reproduction
  • Responding to changes

A living thing needs to show all these 7 characteristics.

Non-living things cannot move by themselves. They do not respond to changes. There are two types of Non-living thing: –

  1. Things that were alive once but not now: – Coal is an example.
  2. Things that were never alive: – Stone and Gold are examples.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Water is a non-living thing.
  • Living things have a definite lifecycle but non-living things do not.
  • Living things are made up of cells.
  • Non-living things do not undergo homeostasis.