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Marie Curie Facts Video for Kids

Marie Curie Facts Video - Image of a Young Marie Curie
Marie Curie Facts Video - Image of a Young Marie Curie
The Seasons
The Seasons

                                                  Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a scientist who had discovered the element Polonium and Radium with her husband Pierre Curie. They won the noble prize together in 1903 in the field of physics. Her Full name was Maria Salomea Sklodowski. She was born on Nov 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Both of her parents were teachers.

Quick Facts: –

  • Marie was the first female scientist who was awarded with the noble prize.
  • For almost 5 years, she worked as a tutor and a governess so that she can support her elder sister financially for her studies.
  • She got married to French physicist Pierre Curie on July 26 1895.
  • She was so much fascinated with the work of Henri Becquerel. She took his work of Becquerel rays a few steps further.
  • She gave the concept of radioactivity.
  • She was the only scientist who got this honor twice in two different fields, physics and chemistry.
  • In 1897, Marie and Pierre Curie had a daughter Irene and in 1904, another daughter Eve.
  • Polonium was named after Marie’s native country of Poland.
  • In 1911, she was awarded with noble prize for the second time. This time, it was in the field of chemistry.
  • After winning the second noble prize, in a press conference she was accused of being in a relationship with her husband’s student Paul Langevin and breaking Paul’s marriage.
  • In 1914, she invented portable X-ray machines named ‘Little Curies’.
  • She died on July 4, 1934, due to some blood disease which was caused by her work with radioactive materials.