Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea is an intercontinental body of water separating Europe, Africa and Asia. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow passage with approximately 14 kilometer width called the Strait of Gibraltar.

The average depth of this sea is 4,900 feet and its deepest point is 17,280 feet. It is extended into a large area and with a coastline of approximately 28,600 miles, it borders twenty two countries.


Quick Facts: –

  • It is estimated that the Mediterranean Sea holds approximately 7 million cubic kilometers of water.
  • Some recent research suggests that about 6 million years ago this large water body went completely dry.
  • The Mediterranean Sea including the Sea of Marmara, occupies an area of approximately 970,000 square miles.
  • It is connected to the Red Sea through a 101 miles long artificial canal named as Suez Canal.
  • This sea basin was formed because of the African and Eurasian plates converging during the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic periods.
  • The word ‘Mediterranean’ is derived from the Latin word ‘mediterraneus’ which means ‘in the middle of land’.
  • In earlier times, the Roman Empire controlled the entirety of this sea for about 400 years.
  • There are more than 3300 islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is the largest of all of them with an area of 9,927 square miles. Sicily is home to Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna.
  • The Gulf of Sidra is the region with the highest temperature. The average sea temperature here is 31°C.