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Melting Point Facts for Kids Video


                                                   Melting Point

This video demonstrates an experiment show the concept of melting point. Melting point of a substance can be defined as a particular temperature at which it changes its state from solid to liquid. Every solid has its own different melting point.

Required Materials: –

  • A temperature controlled cabinet
  • 3 heat resistant containers
  • Frozen Linseed oil
  • Ice
  • Frozen chocolate.

Procedure: –

  • First of all, put all the three containers in the cabinet.
  • Put frozen linseed oil, frozen chocolate and ice in those containers.
  • Set the temperature of the cabinet to -25°C.
  • At this temperature, all the three substances are frozen. Now start increasing the temperature.
  • At -20°C, you will notice that linseed oil will start melting and a point will come when it will change its form from solid.
  • -20°C is melting point for linseed oil.
  • At 0°C, ice will start melting and it will be changed in to water that is its liquid form. Water’s melting point is 0°C.
  • Keep increasing the temperature and at 25°C you will see that chocolate will start melting.
  • Chocolate’s melting point is 25°C which is equal to normal temperature of a summer day.

Concept: –

Each and every substance has its melting point at which the solid state will changed in to liquid state. Like: – iron has a melting point 1,538°C and aluminium has 661°C.



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