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Get amused viewing the very best unique and extremely simple to comprehend Mercury the Planet fun facts for kids video:

Mercury the Planet Video Information

This short video is about the planet Mercury. Learn some interesting facts about this planet like how it is the closest planet to the Sun, how big is Mercury compared to Earth and how scientists find it difficult to explore Mercury because it is so close to the Sun. Find out where this planet got its name from, how Mercury has no moons, how the Sun appears 2 and a half times larger on Mercury, what elements does the planet consist of and shares some more comparisons between Mercury and Earth.

Enjoy viewing this Mercury the Planet facts for kids video and enjoyably enrich your youngster’s attraction to Mercury The Planet.

This Mercury the Planet video is safe to view for children, from those partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten children, all the way to 5th graders, undoubtedly also pre-school youngsters and children undergoing homeschooling.

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