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Mount Olympus


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is located in the Olympus Range on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. It measures 7,956 feet above sea level. This mountain is a part of the Olympus massif near the Gulf of Thermai of the Aegean Sea. The summit is often snow-capped and has cloud cover.

It has numerous forests and gorges and summits of different heights. However, it has a mild climate and rarely has storms. It is also the most worshipped mountain in Greece. The tallest point of this mountain is called ‘Mytika’ and ‘Pantheon’.


Quick Facts: –

  • In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the dwelling of the Olympian Gods and it was created after the Titanomachy.
  • Titanomachy was the battle during which the Olympians defeated their predecessors.
  • Mount Olympus exists both as a physical mountain and a metaphorical place.
  • In Greek and Roman mythology, this mountain is believed to be the home of their 12 primary gods.
  • The mountain is a part of the Olympus National Park that covers an area of 238,411,000 m2.
  • It has has a total of 52 peaks with deep gorges and exceptional biodiversity.
  • It has been the first national park in Greece since 1938 and is also a World Bishop Reserve.
  • This mountain has an almost circular shape that has been formed over time by rain and wind.
  • Olympus expands over approximately 500 km2and covers an essentially circular area with a width of approximately 25 km and a circumference of 80 km.



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