Owl Facts

Owls are mysterious birds. There are more than 200 known species of owls. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. They are best known to conquer the night while all other birds are limited to the daylight.

Fun Facts: –

  • A group of owls is known as Parliament.
  • They can turn their neck 135° in either direction. It gives them a 270° view.
  • Instead of eyeballs, owls have far sighted eye tubes.
  • They have an excellent sense of hearing.
  • Owls do not make any sound when they fly.
  • Some species of owls prey on other species of owls.
  • They feed their oldest and strongest baby first. If the food is limited, the youngest will starve.
  • The smallest species of owl is the Elf owl. They weigh about 30 gm.
  • The Eurasian eagle owl and Blakiston’s fish owl are the heaviest owl species.
  • The great grey owl is the largest owl species. They can reach up to 70 cm in length.
  • Owls have strong feet like with two forward facing toes and two backward facing toes.
  • They have special blood pooling systems. This is the reason of their extreme blood flow adaption.
  • Owls have an exceptional sense of hearing.
  • It is illegal in the United States of America to keep an owl as a pet.
  • Not every species of owl screeches or hoots. Many of them do not.
  • They can easily blend in with their surroundings.