Even kids who don’t like vegetables usually like peas. Peas grow on long vines. They have white flowers and they make beautiful garden plants.


Fun Facts

  • English peas are harvested when they’re young and tender. They’re removed from their pods and usually sold frozen or canned.
  • Snap peas and snow peas make a great snack. The entire sweet, crunchy pod is edible.
  • Field peas are harvested when they’re more mature and dried. They are used to make pea soup. In Medieval times, pease porridge was a diet staple.
  • Researchers believe peas were growing in Greece, Syria, Turkey, and Jordan at least 4,000 years ago.
  • Peas are most commonly green. They can also be yellow or purple.
  • Peas are cool-weather crops. They wither and die in the heat but grow well in the spring and fall.
  • Thomas Jefferson grew more than 30 varieties of peas on his plantation.
  • These sweet vegetables are high in fiber, protein, vitamin B, and vitamin C.



  1. Pod: the outside portion of a pea
  2. Diet staple: the main food people eat
  3. Wither: shrivel


Questions and Answers

Question: What is the best way to eat peas?

Answer: Peas are delicious raw. They can be steamed or added to soups, stews, and casseroles. Just don’t boil them!


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