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This video is all about the planet Venus. In this video, you will learn some interesting facts about this planet like how the planet has thick clouds of corrosive acid that is enough to burn steel. The planet also has gigantic volcanic eruptions that can erupt high into the atmosphere. The video also talks about the terrain of the planet, how it is filled with dormant volcanoes that tower 3 miles into the atmosphere and how the planet has deep channels that stretches longer than the Nile River. Learn more amazing facts about planet Venus and find out why Venus is considered the deadliest planet in the Solar System.

Watch this remarkable Planet Venus Facts for kids video and quickly test your young children’s attraction to Planet Venus Facts.

This Planet Venus Facts video is will be delightful for your kids, from those kids participating in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, leading to 5th grade, naturally together with preschool kids and children instructed in the house.

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