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Polar Bear Facts for Kids Video


                                                Polar Bear Facts

Polar bear is the largest carnivorous land animal. They live in the Arctic. Their scientific name is ‘ursus maritimus’. A polar bear has 42 teeth. According to an estimate, there are around 22000 polar bears. These giant white bears can weigh up to 800 kg. They have black skin and colourless hollow fur. They generally roll in snow to clean themselves.

Fast Facts: –

  • Polar bears generally feed on seals and use Arctic sea ice as a platform to catch their prey. Their diet also includes other small animals and berries.
  • The largest polar bear ever recorded weighed about 1,000 kg.
  • They can survive more than a week without eating. For this, they slow down their metabolism.
  • They can keep themselves warm by using their insulated heavy fur and thick layer of fat.
  • Polar bears can easily swim in icy water. They are good swimmers but not quick enough to catch seals easily.
  • Brown bear is their closest relative.
  • At the time of birth, their cub weighs only 0.5 kg. They are born blind, deaf and hairless.
  • Polar bears have an excellent underwater vision.
  • Their average lifespan is 16-17 years. Their colourless fur reflects light.
  • Males are twice as big as females and they have comparatively longer hair on their forelegs.
  • A female can give produce 5 litters in its entire lifetime. There litter size is 1-2 cubs.
  • Female polar bears have a gestation period of approximately 8 months.
  • There are total 19 known species of polar bears.
  • Climate change is the biggest threat for these incredible creatures.


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