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                                           Facts about Polar Bear

Do polar bears hibernate?

Yes, pregnant females hibernate. They go into their den where they give birth to the cubs and during that time, they hibernate.

Is there a symbiotic relationship between polar bears and arctic foxes?

There cannot be a symbiotic relationship between polar bears and arctic foxes. Certain foxes are interested in trailing after bears and looking for the opportunity to grab scraps. It is not the only place they make their living but some animals do choose to pursue that opportunity.

Do polar bears have fiber optic fur?

They do not have fiber optic fur. This is a myth. It started a long time ago, people thought that they might but when a scientist actually tried to pass light down the fur of a polar bear, nothing happened. No light transferred down to the skin. They do have black skin, we don’t know why; they just do but not the fiber optic fur.

Can polar bears interbreed with brown bears?

Yes, they can. This has been shown in captivity in Europe back in the 50s and 60s. There has been one incident in Canada where hunters accidentally took a hybrid bear.

Are polar bears getting smaller?

Yes, they are being seen to have smaller body masses than they had in the past. This is significant and that indicates a decrease in their condition in some population which will directly impact the total number of bears that we see.

Do polar bears eat fish?

They sometimes eat fish. It is a rare occurrence. It happens in a few places and is not a major part of their diet. They sometimes dive and catch fish. It has been observed on the coast of Labrador several hundred years ago.

Do all polar bear come on land in summer?

In some populations, polar bears do come on land in summers. Those populations are in Hudson Bay etc.



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