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                                               Poop Facts

Poop is the body’s natural way of getting rid of waste and toxins. This term poop has been derived from the Middle English word ‘Poupen’ that means ‘blow a horn’. Human waste is generally made up of fiber, undigested food, salt, phosphates and dead and live bacteria. The consistency of the human feces depends on what you are eating. Our poop is about 75% water and the rest 25% is solid like bacteria, indigestible food, fats etc. A minimum of 25-35 grams of fiber per day is required to get to ideal pooping level. There are four bags of human waste on the moon left behind by Neil Armstrong and his crew members.

Fast Facts: –

  • According to a research, bacteria in the human gut can influence stress levels and emotional behavior.
  • Our waste could be the powers source of future.
  • You will still have excrements even if you do not eat because your poop is made up of more than the food.
  • Human waste should look ‘bulked up’ if you eat lots of fiber that are good for you.
  • A floating poop shows that it has a lot of gas in it.
  • Human waste looks and smells very much disgusting because we see it as gross.
  • Human waste comes in all kind of colors like different shades of brown, green etc.
  • Approximately 3 billion people in the entire world still rely on charcoal and cow dung to cook their food.
  • Human feces can be used as a source of energy, biodiesel, and fertilizer.
  • Our waste stinks because of the presence of bacteria rich in nitrogen and sulfur.
  • Coffee releases a hormone that stimulates the colon and makes you want to poop.


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