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Properties of Carbon Facts for Kids Video


                                               Properties of Carbon

Carbon is a chemical element. This element has atomic weight 12. It is a soft, black or dull gray non-metal. The term carbon has been derived from the Latin word ‘Carbo’ that means charcoal. On the periodic table, it is the member of group 14. It is the sixth most abundant element in the universe. There are total 15 known isotopes of carbon. It has two naturally occurring and stable isotopes, carbon-12 and carbon-13. Carbon-8 is the shortest lived one. It has the symbol C and atomic number 6.

Quick Facts: –

  • Hydrocarbons are most common compounds. They are made of Hydrogen and carbon.
  • Carbon provides the framework for all tissues of plants and animals.
  • Most common forms of carbon are graphite, diamond, and coal.
  • Diamond is highly transparent and graphite is opaque and black.
  • Activated carbon is used in water purification methods.
  • Burning crude oil in restricted air flow environment produces carbon black.
  • The human body is approximately 18% carbon.
  • The lead in lead pencils is formed when graphite is mixed with clay.
  • Diamond is one of the hardest substances.
  • In 1789, carbon was listed as an oxidizable and acidifiable non-metal by Antoine Lavoisier.
  • No negative environmental effects of carbon have been reported.
  • Carbon is very brittle and cannot be rolled into wires or pounded on sheets.
  • There are more than six and a half million compounds of the element carbon which is more than any other element.


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