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Rocks & Minerals Video for Kids


Watch a fantastic special and really simple to comprehend Rocks & Minerals fun facts for kids video:

                                                Rocks & Minerals

This video about Rocks & Minerals offers helpful information that can quickly broaden all your attention to the definitions. The surface of the earth is made up of rocks which contain over 2,000 different kinds of minerals. Many of these are rarely seen because they are very deep within the earth. The varying hardness of these rocks and minerals is responsible in part for the earth’s varied landscape.

Mountain ridges are held up by rock formations which are composed of hard, resistant minerals. Valleys and low lands exist where the minerals in the rocks are easily broken down and washed away. This does not mean that all mountains contain the same minerals because there are so many varieties of hard and soft minerals and also because some minerals which are durable in one climate are easily decomposed in another. The soils which support all vegetations are composed of mineral fragments weathered from the once solid rock. These minerals fragments and the kinds of minerals in the hard rock beneath the soil cover determine the thickness and richness of the soil.

The world of man-made articles depends on the elements obtainable from minerals. For example, both the cheapest bottle and the most expensive camera lens are made of the elements silicon and oxygen combined in the mineral Quartz, the metals of cars, the steel used in buildings, and manufacturing machinery. These are all obtained through the efforts of the man exploring, sampling, testing and finally mining or quarrying in order to extract metal bearing ores or from the otherwise useless rocks. Every step of our modern existence is aided by knowledge and development of our mineral resources.



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